Can window film cause my glass to crack?

Yes, if the wrong film is applied to a certain type of glass or if your glass has a flaw in it, it can crack. There are other factors that can put the glass at risk of cracking as well, ask your sales person for more details.

Can any window film be safely installed on insulated glass?

NO, but there are many films that are perfectly safe to install on insulated glass units (IGU).


YES. Many of the films that we sell include a TWO YEAR GLASS BREAKAGE WARRANTY at no extra cost.

Does window film eliminate the fading of my furnishings?

NO. Even though solar and safety films absorb up to 99.9% of the UVA and the UVB rays, HEAT and LIGHT also play a role in why materials fade.

What is the warranty?

Most films come with a manufacturers LIFETIME WARRANTY for Residential and TEN YEARS for Commercial properties. Other films have a ONE YEAR to a TEN YEAR warranty. Most warranties included Labor and Materials.

Will a SAFETY or a SECURITY FILM stop my glass from breaking?

NO! Safety and Security Films were designed to enhance safety in case of broken glass and to improve the security of a dwelling by making it more difficult for an intruder or flying debris during a storm to enter through the glass. Security Films are not hurricane proof.

Will my new window film change color is time?

Most of the films that we sell will never change in color, however, there are a few films that consist of dyed polyester and these can change color in time.

How do I clean my window film?

Most of our films can be cleaned with typical glass cleaners but, not all of them. A safe product to use is a liquid dishwashing soap. Put a few drops of the soap in a quart spray bottle, shake, then spray a mist on the film and buff it off with a clean dry paper towel or a micro fiber cloth. Always clean glass and film when the window is cool. Do not use a squeegee.

Can I apply an automotive window film to my home or office windows?

Yes but, the warranty, the color stability, and the performance may be less than films that were designed for residential/commercial applications.

Can I get a free sample of the film?

We provide our clients with a free estimate which includes 8” x 10” samples of the film. Quite often, we will install these samples on your glass so you many view them inside looking out, outside looking in, daytime and nighttime. An installed sample will give you the true appearance of the film and you can actually feel the heat reduction when the sun is shining on it.

Do window films provide privacy both day and night?

Many of the films provide daytime privacy but, when a light is on at nighttime, it is possible for someone outside to see in.

Why is there a light gap at the edge of the window where the glass meets the frame?

The light gap which is typically up to 1/16” is required for proper bonding. If the film were to touch the frame, it would not bond properly.

Will the light reduction of window film harm my plants?

That all depends on the darkness of the film. The lighter the leave is on your plant, the more light it needs and the darker the leave, the less light is needed. Depending on the darkness of the film, some plants may go into shock but, many do recover.

How long will the film last?

There are many factors that age window film but, as a general rule, based on over 30 years in the window film business, quality films can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. I purchased this business in 2002, the company was 8 years old then and the only warranty claim calls that I receive were from one brand of film that we no longer sell.

Is window film scratch proof?

NO. Most films have an acrylic scratch resistant layer that is quite durable but, it is not scratch proof.

Why does my glass feel so hot when the sun is shining on it?

The way that solar films work is like this; a percentage of the heat is transmitted right through the glass, a percentage is reflected off the glass, and a percentage is absorbed in the glass and film and that’s what you are feeling. The breeze on the outside (convection) will pull approximately 2/3’s of that heat off of the glass and the other 1/3rd is radiated in. So, this is normal and there is no need to be concerned.

Can window film be applied to plastics such as Plexiglas?

We do not recommend applying film to plastics. Film will not last long and can be virtually impossible to remove without ruining the plastic.